Term 1: 12/2 - 2/4, Term 2: 6/5 - 25/6, Term 3: 30/7 - 17/9, Term 4: 22/10 - 10/12.

The Alliance Française de Launceston offers four levels of language classes from complete beginners through to advanced conversational speakers. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings during school terms from 7pm to 9pm at the LINC Building, 8 High Street, Launceston and are conducted by experienced tutors. Any level may be repeated for those wishing to consolidate their knowlege.

Download the enrolment form here.

Beginners – this course is for complete beginners. Please note that it is a sequential course which means that you need to enroll at the start of the year. If you have even the slightest knowledge of French, then it may be possible to join at a later stage of the year.

Beginners Text Requirement: a text will be supplied by the tutor.

Reinforcement – this course is for those continuing to expand their knowledge of French. You need to have some knowledge of the basics of the language and be able to conduct a basic conversation with the support of the tutor.

Reinforcement Text Requirement: you will need to purchase the text used by the tutor.

Independent – this course is for more advanced learners of French and is a continuation of the Reinforcement level. You need to have some knowledge of general conversational topics and to be able to converse independently of the tutor.

Independent Text Requirement: you will need to purchase the text used by the tutor (as used in Reinforcement).

Advanced Conversation – this course is for those who can already speak French with some fluency.

Advanced Text Requirement: no text is required (and there is no formal syllabus).

If you are unsure of your level or for more information on joining our classes, please contact the Class Coordinator Peta Frost by e-mail to petafrost25@gmail.com.

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Each year the Alliance Française de Launceston welcomes Hobart-based experienced French teacher and native speaker Murielle Kuczynski to Launceston to present two Fun With French Ateliers (workshops). These fun and immersive 3 hour sessions are held on a Saturday and are a great way for members non-members alike to brush up on their language skills in an informal and engaging environment. Two levels are offered: Basics - for those with a little French language knowledge (not suitable for complete beginners) and Intermediate - for those with an adequate working knowledge and understanding of French.

Keep an eye on our News & Events page to find out when we'll next be hosting Murielle.